2 Chainz – All Ice On Me Disc 2 Intro lyrics

Album: All Ice On Me: Disc 2

Yeah, it’s hard to explain it
The feeling I have when I’m on stage man

They turn the lights down
And open the curtains
And all the fans stand up and they start roaring
Go Tity Boi [4x]

[Technikz and 2 Chainz talking]
Technikz, Technikz, what’s hadenin?
What up Tit, my bad big dog
I got okay with the music but uh
What’s hadenin
Go ahead talk to the streets my nigga
[2 Chainz talking]
My dawg, I wanna appreciate everybody
That’s wathing, paying attention, you know what I’m saying
Saying what’s going on with the Duffle Bag Boys and Playaz Circle
I mean that’s what this whole mixtape is about
All Ice On Me
It ain’t about me drinking [?]
Oh no, oh no, we not bragging on this one, in the [?]
It’s just a lot of people who doing they thang
They trying to see what’s going on over here
I wanna tell ya I appreciate
(Helicopter sounds)
We take off on the way dawg
Flight 360 man
None more, None less, you dig
Dolla I see you nigga, you know we doing on the south side
Getting them checks homie

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