2 Chainz – Don’t Do It lyrics

Album: FreeBase

[Shane Caldwell]
Time in my life I was down so low, a mosquito wouldn't even bite me. I lost my job, my 4 wheel drive, I even got throwed out of my trailer. All because of one thing: freebasing cocaine. That's all my life was, was basing, nothing else. I was on that last lap, with that checker flag about to wave me on into hell

But I got lucky, I got into rehab program down der in Redstone Arsenal down der in Alabama and with dem people helpin' me. Well that smoking white devil is no longer a part of my life. I can proudly say, that white devil is no longer a part of my life and I can proudly say, that today, I do not freebase cocaine

Now I'll take a drink, now. I will take a drink but I do not freebase cocaine. You know, well, I take a drink and I might even smoke a little reefer. You know, you know I like to smoke reefer. You know, it relaxes me and everything. A couple doobies, you know, just ta get you through the day and everything. But, far as basin goes, I don't do it

Now I'll do some toot now. Don't get me wrong. I will do some toot you know. You know if you're partying and everything, and somebody comes up and gives it to you, its impolite not to take it there. So me and my girlfriend, Sally, we, you know, we party man I tell you. We do party. You know, I will do some toot. We'll do, you know, on a good weekend there we call a bunch of friend over we'll do bout an eight ball of toot there but we don't base. I do not freebase cocaine. I want to make that clear. I don't do it

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