2 Chainz – Goat lyrics

Album: Trap-A-Velli Tre

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
I treat Goat like he was tata, dealin' up at Popeyes
In the fastlane, I move him over to the right side
Mac-11 life style, burrrt then I hop out
Dem burrrt, then it's lights out, I'm spazin' on you right now
Mama's only child, the crack house was my daycare
Being front to god, grey hair, see that's that old money
Kenmore stove money, packs on G rouge money
Ridin' down in that foreign whip the color of snow bunny
Pull up right to the beach and left the boat runnin'
So Sonny, you a comedian, all your flows funny
Dope funny, walk through the door, she like "Oh honey"
Plus I got a whip and a lock, they call me 4hunna
Tryna come clean off the spot, I'm talkin' detergent
Fuck her then answer my phone, I gotta leave urgent
Everythin' I did in the past was intellectual
Now it's Mr. Gimme-your-section-with-a-extra-booth
Show you what the extra do
Want a four door, so I bought me an extra coupe
One for me, one for me, really ain't no effort to it
Mr. Impeccable, turn you to a vegetable, fuck her on the sectional
Pull on her hair while she's lickin' on the testicles
Sixteen carefully, swag sold separately
Aimin' for the stars, so I fucked her on the balcony
Laid on the floor and I made your hoe come vacuum me
[Verse 2: The-Dream]
I'm on my Bobby Brown, babe
Put it on me tenderoni
And I got one of you in every town
To put it on me, I'm never lonely
Swimmin' in your hits, babe
And I'm gone like trip, babe
Show out, show out
Show out, show out, show out

[Bridge: The-Dream]
It's all about you
It's all about you (everything we do)
It's all about you
It's all about you (everything I do)
It's all about you

[Outro: The-Dream & 2 Chainz]
Every trapper, ever rapper
Everything I do
Every baller, ever actor
Just wanna impress you
Every actor, every actress
I just wanna trust you
I'm just tryna get you to that mattress
You're the finest that money can't buy
The finest shit that catches your eye, my
Now ball on these bitches
Go and ball on these bitches
Wanna see you ball on these bitches
Baby, ball on these bitches, yeah

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