2 Chainz – May I Take Your Order lyrics

Album: All Ice On Me: Disc 2

[Verse 1]
Don’t confuse me, I’m so unruly
My partner got a face full of tattoos, them niggas going
Cashews, they’ll aim at your hair do
You know I run this bitch, no track shoes
Just a pair of Ferragamos
Same color nacho
Pushing white horse and I ain’t talking bout Tonto
It’s messed up when your cardinal do the same time as your mortgage
All the same time that you’re hungry
It’s a different story, like a laboratory
But they testing me especially, like I can’t afford it
But you know I got the recipe, may I take your order
If you don’t buy it I can take it to the border
With it taped to the bumper
Tape no recorder, I ain’t taking no orders
Imma make mine regardless, in the latest garments
Shoes all arches
Don’t stand next to your partner if your partner is a target
You can get skeeted on, mink coat bleeded on
Whole crew deleted on, bitch leave me alone
See I’m on whatever it takes to get you off
So when you get on I never get soft
I like it when you ride it backwards, no Kriss Kross
And the dick costs, you need to use it like floss
Every verse is that cocainia
Me and my nigga riding with your ho between us
Ooh baby, Ooh baby

[Verse 2]
Now me, I feel like I can do anything I want
My president the same color as my aunt
I fill a cigarillo up high till I dive
Put the pillows up, no sleeping
Every day’s the weekend
I talk Franklins when I’m speaking
I talk mansions when I’m teaching
It's no ancient secret, it’s deeper than a riddle
You got to get the S with two lines down the middle
And it’ll be a cold day in south hell if clientele can’t get a bill
I sell like sailor, suits get tailored, seafood combination no scallops
Tassels, graduated to a castle
Left the bricks alone, old phone I don’t answer
I do it for the dancers, they tell the DJ to go play it
They know when he play it they get money faster
Here you go baby


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