2 Chainz – More Dope, More Cash lyrics

Album: Me Against the World

The Legion of Doom is now in session
Tit! You know who it is nigga (Black Bill Gates!)

[Verse 1]
I'm more focused than my last take
More roaches in my ash tray
More dope more cash
Take ya man's bitch away
I off blast like a fast break (skatin!)
And all you see'n is the gas tank
That mean I'm out nigga, fuck you (Ion' have to duck you)
You won't see me comin' when you see me dunk on you
Ridin' in the Donk... 26's on it
Yo' bitchin'... I'm the Lieutenant, this for real niggas only
We real over here, them other niggas phony
Fuck my opponent
It's me against the world, keep a toolie by my stomach
Fruity ones on, blunt in my hand
And if I front you work you gotta pay Uncle Sam, you understand? (King Shit)
Man, text me
[Verse 2]
Ray, what's up?
Weezy, what's happnin'?
62 Hard, from the rags to the riches
Wen't in on the nine, and started fuckin' battle bitches
South side, FYI
Till I D - I - E , nigga I'm so high, nigga I'm so fly
I might be, somewhere in the sky
I just need the wings
Look at my jeans!
Damn! They ripped!

[Verse 3]
See I'm a General, salute me
Bossy, lousy, socks Coogi
Opportunity knockin, I'd rather kick the door down and wave around a choppa, and lick off a couple of shots
Shots to us going down
Don't make me cause a drought on yo' side of town
And yeah it's a war if you can't sleep
And they ain't servin' niggas, so you can't eat
Nigga you ain't me!
I'm in the belly of the beast for weeks!
Niggas got rich now they barely speak
I hope you feel it in your heart
It's comin' from my heart
I've been hard from the start, in the slums of College Park
It was hurled at your heart
Shots, new recordings
Remember, we used to think going to sleep was boring (King Shit)


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