2 Chainz – Never lyrics

Album: All Ice On Me: Disc 1

[Verse 1]
I ain’t never seen a never and I never will
My baby mama can’t complain, she never pays the bills
Big money, big crib, my nigga big wheels
I go to the pharmacy, sit still until I get a refill
You’re now rocking with a man on a mission
Last year and a half, you know I killed them with precision
The last half a year you know I killed them with suspension
Every line got class no detention, not to mention
In the kitchen cooking up, while the look out looking up
And I look out looking down, we got the hottest trap around
I got the hottest raps around, as far as the hoes I got the hottest batch around
You can ask them, ask them
Aspen, fuck em in the ass then
Fuck em at the west inn
Fucking Michael Jackson
Beat it then beat it
Eat it then freak it
Peep it then geek it, your secret my secret
Murder 1 is the prequel, murder 2 is the sequel
Murder you in a vehicle, now it’s a burgundy vehicle
And I’m so icicle, that’s cold, low
Shoot you, reload, karma sutra
All the positions, stop, look, and listen
My style killing yours, it needs to be convicted
And I’m so relentless, 8 days a week
25 hours, If I’m hungry I’m gon eat
If you love it so do we, got an onion and a G
I got a girl who like girls and don’t like men but like me
See, it’s Tity 2 Chainz, it’s airplane swag
That’s when you get the rims before the tag
The cash before the bag, the mouth before the glass
We at you niggas ass, no we at you bitches ass
And this rap flooring, and we black balling
That’s because the card got black on it

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