2 Chainz – Outro (Bonus) lyrics

Album: Me Against the World

Pg we did again ken folksblack
Beard gates ho play a circle aka the duffel bag boys
Dollar tit you know how it's going down
Shit i ain't ssking that shit
Yeah yeah shout out to all the djs man
Supporting this movement
What we trying to do remain humble
Get out these streets feed the fam
It's that family gotta eat flow
Shout out to lod the whole legion of doom
Core djs super friends affiliates
Damn it why i start this one im not gonna remember everybody
Um who kid them smalls them
Djs bigger ranking now
Everybody that respect what we doing
Damn it man hold on
I'm gonna have to call him back on work phone booming
Um shout to dj real talk man
Get at MySpace slash player circle p-l-a-y-a-z
They left a message we yeah cash

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