2 Chainz – Riding Thru Clouds lyrics

Album: Codeine Cowboy

[Verse 1]
Woke up this morning gotta thank God
I don't know but today seems kinda odd
No barking from the dog, Pinky just died
See I had the dog for a long motherfucking time
Wipe my tears and gon' bout another day
It's Christmas time, the trap open on a holiday
I just found out I got ounces the other day
And I can't drank orange juice or lemonade
I'm a renegade, you need to rent a cop
My bodyguard is all black semi cocked
And I done did some thangs a nigga ain't proud of
Sold my mom drugs, told my dad fuck him
Had sex in the Caddy as a young nigga
Have you every made love to a drug dealer
She replied 'yes' I told her 'nigga please'
I'm higher than the first class winter seat
Riding through clouds

[Verse 2]
Don't know if you noticed the projects is gone
Walked out the church cause all the bibles is gone
Had a nightmare that all my rivals was gone
Well I'm killing this shit they can die in a song
24's on a new [?]
No top on but my business straight
More campaign mean more champagne
Condo view, I can high five airplanes
I'm Mister Old Days and I miss them old ways
I can't lie I miss them old J's and I ain't talking bout the O'Jays that did music
I'm talking bout the OJs that did it with a shooter, ya feel me
My girl on E, my car is on empty
I ran outta gas, I might buy myself a Bentley
My flossing to strong, my grind to relentless
Definition of repetition, air conditioning okay cool

Riding through clouds

[Verse 3: Dolla Boy]
As I stand in my

You heard shots
I'm a money-making-holic

Bending over backwards

But I'm not islamic

And my bitch

You assholes, ask Hov

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