2 Chainz – Stunt lyrics

Album: T.R.U. REALigion

2 Chaaaaaiiiinnnzzzz

All I do is stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt) stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt)
Stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt), stunt yeahhhh
All I do is stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt)
Stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt), stunt yeahhh
I get it every day I got bills every month
Oh yeah I'm doing good but I'm prepared for the worst
All I do is stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt)
All I do is stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt), stunt (stunt)
[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Ok I'm stunting on you hoes, denim True Religion
9-1-1 I'd like to report my ceiling missing
They tried to take my swag, I got condoms in my condominium
What you know about that, I'm balling like leukemia
Horsepower told the Porsche giddy-up
Stunt so hard somebody call the media
And I'm a star my neighbor is a meteor
I'm off in Neiman's 'bout to buy a Fendi fur
Sent my girl to the store for some rubber bands
Them niggas over me didn't understand
If I say it then I did it then I fucking meant it
All I do is stunt, bitch I'm 'bout to pop a wheelie!


[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
All I do is stunt (stunt), stunt, I get anything I want
Started in the back now I'm that nigga in the front
Shout out to Rozay, nigga look at what you done
All this shit I spit so sick, and my pockets got the mumps
And my neck it be so cold, boy my money old
And my Presi' glow, everybody know
I'm a, perc popping, Polo drawers rocking
Bad bitch getting muthafucka I'm a problem
Yeah it's mine, I spend it, I'm riding around and I'm getting it
I'm riding around in my city wit' the top down in my Bentley
And my windows up, nigga what, going hard and I don't give a fuck
Put mirror tint all on that bitch so when niggas hate they see theyself


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