2 Chainz – Too Easy lyrics

Album: Codeine Cowboy

[Intro:DJ Teknikz]
The shit to easy bro
Its too fucking easy
2 Chainz, get em!

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Call me Tity Boi you can call me 2 Chainz
I got two of everything yo nigga too lame
End of conversation I'm running out of patience
You can't play me they don't play me on the station
Ain't no debatin', rappers get eaten
Keep it on the low I fucked your girl in the basement
Down for anything, but I don't fall for Nathan
I go to the jewelery store for a vacation
Celebration, dedication
I rob a nigga in his sleep, Freddy mixed with Jason
They got me paranoid all these different faces
I know somebody the police I can fucking taste it
Mmm mmm mmm, I can smell a rat
Fire, fire, fire, let them feel the gat
O O O O that's a quarter pack
Nigga four Os nigga throw like a quarterback
[Hook x2]
Small things to a giant, its too easy
Just got dressed I'm colder than the flu season
Its too easy its too easy
Its too easy its too easy

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
I do this in my sleep I need to change the covers
Menage a trois and I dont change the rubbers
Nasty nigga so dont ask a nigga
Black and ashy flashy with charisma
A pack of cigarillos and 2 liter
And that's just for two people
Trynna get numb nigga cuz my feelings hurt
Dealing work I'm a go to jail I keep killing verses
I got a hard top I'm about to convert
Bought her ass a bag and paid they phone service
Name brand head to toe walking in strokers
Two girls on my coat walking out of strokers
Its a small thing the big foot
That's why I stalk my money taller, the six foot
And I'm motivated to get more of it
Rich nigga getting private dances in public


[Verse 3: Cap-1]
I say its too easy me and two Breezys
Everything around me sick, flu season
Got the minis popping pack doing them calisthenics
Pack of bitches trynna make a movie for the final edit
Shouts out to my bad bitch that red ho with them tattoos
That fat ass and them green eyes got green guys my trap boom
Got work to sell got pounds of kush
Break it down got ning dings
Got nine hoes need nine mo, roster Bruce Springsteen
That mac 11 start talking fast
That paper stacking like Kinkos
Blowing strong popping bands
These niggas stealing our lingo
And I'm TRUed up got two cups
Me and 2 Chainz go too nuts
Two guns and I'm deuced up
22s and I'm couped up
Low pro crew cut
She fuck with me then my crew fuck
Chicken noodle she souped up
And I'm layed back with my boots up
Louie V got Damier
Now Im out of town brought mami there
Then me go call said bring that all
That female with me went to see Javier and I'm gone

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