Alan Jackson – Hurtin' Comes Easy lyrics

Album: High Mileage

Iæ?³e spent a lifetime lookinfor love
Just when I find it, it comes undone
Iæ?³e tried so hard to make love happen
Like some never endinpattern
I end up on the sad side of the fun

Hurtincomes easy
Hurtincomes easy
Hurtincomes easy
For me

Well, Iæ?³e seen people that got it made
Theyæ?³e got someone and love looks great
But me, Iæ?³e been to every doctor
Iæ?³e tried it wild and tried it proper
And I always end up watchinlove walk away
Thatæ?¯ Ok


Iæ?³e gotten used to getting over
And hopefully as I grow older
Love wonæ?° be so difficult to see
But now for me


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