Disney – Bamm lyrics

Album: Zombies

Hey, welcome to zombieland
It's a party go ahead
everybody dance
Do the draggy leg
you surely can be part of
the team Gotta wave the flag let your
freak flag fly Gotta stare when we pass by.
Not your average guy But you know I'm fly.
So alive just on a different side. Look
in my eyes, we're the same but different
just like you, I got hopes and wishes
itchin' to show the world what they're missing
It's our time, yeah, it's time to flip it what
I'm about to show you, what you gon' show me
guess nobody told you, you ain't gotta tell me
I'm about to put in the work, Listen this is my turf
Bamm! Oh man, Oh man,I'm the man Bet you can't do it like i can
Bamm! Oh man, Oh man, you a fan understand this is zombieland.

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