Elvis Presley – You And I lyrics

I'm not asking for too much if I wanna know what's going on around my corner?
There is a lover who beat his girl to death and then he decided to take also his breath. Think about the people living on the streets, sleeping on the floor… I feel their heart beats.
You and I we got to go, you and I we got to go!
I got to reach this place and I got to find the way up to the sky, we got to be there just you and I it got to be laugh instead of cry.
You got to behold in time that you
Need to be rich inside of you
Got to be something you can do yeah
Killing people in the name of peace
To cover the story they call them enemies
Born and raised to be a part of the game
Every little boy got to keep up the flame
If you take a look from so close
You can see the world is the same as it was
Still a lot of people are struggling in the war
Some of them rich but most of them are poor
You and I we got to go, we're so far away from home
And if you start a revolution start it with yourself

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