Eminem – Becuas You Love Me lyrics

For all the love a feelt for you,
I be forever thank full babe you are the one ho helpt me oo ,
Never let me fall youre the one ho saw me true, thrue the all

You whare ma sver when a was week
You whare ma voice when a cuden't speak
You whare ma eys when a cuden't see
You saa the pain that was in me
Lefted me up when a cuden't reach
You gave me fath because you belive
that everying a am , becuause you love me oo babe

You gave me vings and make me fly
You tuch ma hand a culd tuch the sky
I lost ma fath you gave it back to me
You stend the star was out of reach '
You stood by me and a stood tall
I had your love a had it all
I pray for thos days you gave me
Babe a don't know that much, but know that this is true
I was blest , becuause I was love by you


You was ther allways for me ,you thand and whing and chare whit me
The night and dark ,you shine the love into my life
You bine my inspiration ,throug the life you was trough
How word is blest , becuause of youuuuuu

That everying a am , becuause you love me

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