Eminem – Bibi lyrics

One, two, three, for, five, six, seven, eight?
What's the matter? After eight, there's a nine, remember?
Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid?
Are you really sooooooooooo
Stupid stupid stupid stupid?

This is my song, my song, he's mine?
Better a silly girl with a flower,
Then a silly boy with a horse and a stick
Come one, yeaaaaaah?
Its called a lance, hellohow???

I'm a painter of red bolletjes!!
Don't you understand,
They're not Yellow, not green, not black?
What? I lik coffee, I like tea, I like the boys?
But the boys don't like me!!!

You didn't expect this did yooooooooeeeeeee?
Love ya, Love ya, I say that I love ya!!
Silly silly silly boy?


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