Eminem – Biterphobia lyrics

Album: Soul Intent

Slippin in through the back door
Booty MC's get ambushed
Rammed and squooshed
Slammed and pushed
Crammed and mushed
Then I'm movin on down from the right to left
So wipe the meth and prepare to fight to death
You get jacked and tackled and cracked in two
Smack them through 'till ya black and blue
Or actin true
I'm dreaded like a man who's hair is all strands
Who's badder when sniffin on aerosol cans
I'm stompin 'em, kickin 'em, chokin 'em, stampin 'em,
clockin 'em, stickin 'em, pokin 'em, clampin 'em
Who'd elect ya kids, indict their votes
Hit 'em with vicoden doses of lighting bolts
I'm zappin, ???
Faster than you can snap your fingers for answers
Cancer is in the flesh
Alight a breather
Survived it by the knife and the thievin?

I had a dream I was gettin jacked by biters
It felt like I was being attacked by spiders
Developin' a fear from biterphobia
I'm holdin the gas can and lighter over ya
If I detect ya
I'ma pulverise disect ya brain
Diggin in ya skull for lies that I'm a torture
With material iller than a stark raid or mass serial killer
I'm more dangerous
Than a loaded chamber is
A major is to a plagiarist
So beware of the aura
A terror, the horror
Will scare ya tomorrow
Ze-ero?? assault for rappers
Hear the start of developin' skills
A head full of Porter
We run or gallop on hills???
The choice is yours
Decipher these noisy force minutes
Scream ?til my voice is hoarse
Cuz I'm sick of these debators
That grab like repertoires and saboteurs
And bite like Labradors
Hear the range of my double barrel
And your life is in danger troubled and perilled

I can't understand flyers
Second?? with camp fires
Cuz vampires bite on my balls and clamp pliers
It's swinging my big thing-a-ma-jig
So I'm ringing my neck
Proof will backup
when I sing at my gig
Cuz biters are fallin head over heels
in love
With every rhyme that I set over ears
That's how I became paranoid
Chewing my fingernails
Pulling my hair annoyed

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