Eminem – Damb Hommie lyrics

yo yo yo
iv been fuckin them bitches
why yals hatas be snitchin
i know why because you cant flo
well at least not no mo
because you a playa hata
you a nerd and plays on the eskalaters
the truth you dont get pussy
i know why because you a wussy
cuz you know my flos are hot
and i only do it in a specail spot
with a mice on a stage
hommie are you o.k.
you know what i mean cuz
ooh i just told you like yo moma does
nigga you tryin to flo
oh no
hes thinking in his head
of busting it out
whou you in boy scouts
you know that shit is gay
you never seen a real tit
damb hommie

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