Eminem – End Of The Affair lyrics

The ending's always sad
when love moves from good to bad
wheels roll to a steely grave
crunching gravel on the way
where daffodils once lay
ringing bells of heavy clay
and the heart can hardly bear
the cold and loveless stare
from the eyes that once looked fair
and favourable to one
and the mouth a petal froze
like doorframes painted closed

and windows shut so tight,
cutting out the soft fresh light

The ending's never cried,
but a silent scream inside
makes it known that black is white
that the world is dead upside
that the love and joy before
is so much more than never more
it's forgotten, never was
an illusion, a dead loss
never mind the bitter-sweet
it's a bitter bitter sleep
where the mind can never rest
trying to work out what was best

you convince yourself it's right,
this love is stopped in flight,
surely you must be right, that day is
surely night

The ending's come again,
and poor heart, and again
and the lungs cry when oh when
will it end or it end
defending the beat so strong in the past,
the organ of love now deflating so fast,
pumping perhaps, but can it last?
How long did it last,
this affair of the mind and the bones
and the soul and the hair
and the never ending eyes,
willing everything to rise,

what hope now - the end of the affair,
more cruel because, the affair never was

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