Eminem – Freestyle 2 lyrics

life flashes before you and then its taken away
and then there so much that u never got to say
but its okay you just gotta hold on to faith
never look up and say gods name in vein
just say grace and know that your loved one is safe
buried away floating up into a better place
it's like a race you just gotta learn how to pace
and save face because you dont wanna be the disgrace
a bitter taste like your mind is starting to decay
accept the case know that the persons there to stay
from my heart up to my spine all the way to my mind
i need a sanctuary where my thoughts can unwind
a wound like this can only be binded by time
but i see something gods giving me a sign
he says stand tall be tough stop all the cryin
i look through you and i can see your inner lining
i can see that your heart is about to break
but why god why for heavens sake
why did you take that person away couldnt you wait
now it's too late but he has a bigger plan
all my views and beliefs this is where i stand
im so down im strayin from the topic at hand

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