Eminem – Freestyle Battle lyrics

yo,yo slap and rape two things I like to be happy in grade
but I feld nine grathe so im not a affraid to these persons
who try me to shake im kill every motherfucker who try
me to rape i can rap it now cuz this is my first rap tape im
not singing who's the bad boy like puffy and mase im the
bad boy off this fucking young rap game you asshole's
don't no me try to find my name on the internet on this
spinnin chat i don't nowhere im gona win this rap yo past
me the mic so i can sing it than I have a friend who named Stef
who was dumped by a girl who only want to have sex and I have
my EX WIFE kicked her ass by a bitch in the who slap her as the best
but it is stupid to say I don't nothing off that hahaha!!!!
freestyle motherfuckers by LIL P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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