Eminem – Gettin Sometin lyrics

yo im comin gettin some head on the way
yo shes a hooker i dont even have to pay
but you do
because when you jackoff you use elmers glue
you know you gettin a little bit blue
because im doggin you out like yo momma always does
you know what im talkin about cuz
nigga im the king
king of all dingalings
yo so im a playa aint nottin wrong with that
i dont fuck that much hoes cuz they usaully fat
and sometimes they can get ugly to
and boy u know i fuck a few
unlike you
nigga when i said i fuck a few girls i ment i fuck a few girls a day
yo at first you start to lay
then you talk her into fuckin
maybe even talk to a bunch and
you might get yo first monashau
you first start with a slight way
then you start with yo puinny size dick
man im just tellin you what you should do in your dreams
yo im out

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