Eminem – I Ain't Goin' Out Like Trakk lyrics

Hi folks, I'm the illness rapper with the flash maker
want the bartender, this bitch, to suck his own dick
go! pig! harder
your blow freak face is wicked
I just take it and suck parts of it, yo!
Why do you want me to go, asshole?
you don't like me? fuck you bastard,
I don't want to be smart, be a retard!!!
fuckin' nightmare, you and this slut, you want bullets!?
cuz I sure have bullees, I always gat bullets,
enter the closets! (bang)

chorus*2 : I ain't goin' like trakk
super mc's, you wanna robb my flow, don't you?!
I'm trakk
mc, rapper, so why try harder

Fuck P. and fuck O. slut L. and bitch I.
My rap is goin' on I'm so weeded ans so hight
slap C. hang E. FUCK COPS yo!
that's for you I shave my nuts
I enter the liquor store eight times a day
Stop laughtin' bad ba...ba...bastard, let me pay
shit they're comin'...
fuck P.O.L.I.C.E. (woooo! woooo! woooooo!) ha!ha! catch me!
you think I give a fuck, I give a fuck about nothin'
I act as if I'm alone on this planet, no respectin'


Now, how, will I go out of this cage
I try to get my brain away, but it only brings me rage
fuck it now trakk,
let's just see
meet pya mc, maybe he can prescribe pills to me
Hey you! green doggy,
you gat tha doggy syle man, don't you know it?! (waoufff!!!)
Ouch! fuckin' dog!
nine-inch nails through your ass
smoke that grass, now make your last wish, fast!!!!!! (bang!!)


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