Eminem – Kll Whitey lyrics

Hey yo head, Thats why i fucked your mother you fat motherfucker
Kill Whitey (HA HA HA)
Kill Whitey (Detroit)
Kill Whitey
Kill Whitey
First off, fuck your songs and the shit you say
Diss my wife but at least i got a bitch you gay
you claim to be a muslim but you irish white
so fuck you fatboy drop the mic lets fight
Plus i punch you in the chest
Weak hearts i rip
Whitey Ford and Forty White lethargic ass dickhead
I keep on comin while your running outta breath
steady duckin while im punchin at your chest
you need a rest
dialated go ask your people how I leave ya
with your 3 cd's nobody sees, when they released
evidence dont fuck around with REAL MCs
you aint ready for no underground beef, so fuck geeks
ill let you faggots know its on for life,
but everlast might die tonight (haha)
Fat boy murdered, all waxed, and killed
fuck with me and take a heart pill

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