Eminem – Me And Him lyrics

In the pit of my stomach, it feels shallow
My heart beats faster
My body becomes weak
My arms shake
My fingers feel icy
My lips are dry
My eyes are holding back tears
My head is tingling
My toes curl
My knees shake
My body feels pale
and I can barely breath
I'm begining to think its called love
Its such a wonderful feeling, but its always followed by pain.
I feel this for you garion, and you'll never feel this for me.
In fact, you pretty much hate me.
I don't know how to live with that.
I don't even know how to talk to you.
Would you like me to just pretend I don't know you?
Perhaps it would make you happy
I shouldn't have to try, if you hate me, you hate me.
Theres nothing I can do.
I'm helpless and alone

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