Eminem – Suteki Da Ne (Translation) lyrics

Album: Singles

My heart was swimming in dog piss gathered by the wind.
My voice bounced like your mom in a car crash
into a pile of elephant shit.

My lungs fell out, and stained your carpet
in the cracked mirror.(ugly bitch!)
Soft porn star,
killed with a stream of nipple discharge

Danny hall is a tramp!
If we could wank, nob in hand,
I'd want to go
to your toilet, (your bedroom), in your basement.

I dream of being
against your mom,
my body in your nan
disappearing into you.

Words halted by the sound of breaking wind,
a gentle illusion.
A t-shirt torn by clowns is
the price of a custard pie fight.

My heart that had been in a surgical tray
in a remote part of walsall.
Those stars that hit me repeatedly in the pancreas.
cannot hide my kidney stones.

Isnt it time that you went to bed?
If i could walk,if i had legs
I'd want to go home
to my moms kitchen.

My dream of your grandad
that I softly touch,
farts in the teapot.

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