Eminem – The Battle In The Lunch Line lyrics

Okay folks
Enough with the gay jokes
Especially from a gay broke bitch
Hey lope
This guy is doo doo
He worked here longer then me and i get paid more the you do
Dawg take a seat
What's this guy standing in line for?
He ain't got money to eat
Check this out yo yo
This guy cashed his whole check
And bought one ho-ho
Fuckin' homo
little maget
Paul's gay
Your a faggot
at least he admits it
Don't even risk it
This guy's starving to death
Someone get him a biscuit
I don't know what they told you...Mike
You must have those corn-rows rolled too tight
This job you want to quit
but you can't
You work at this plant so long your a plant
Look at your god damn boots
For christ sake
They're starting to grow roots
When this mic can be faded
You look like a pissed off rapper who never made it
And why you fucking with the gay guy G?
When your the one with HIV
Man I'm done fuck it
Here I'll let home girl finish you off

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