Eminem – The Cripple Convention Mile The Movie lyrics

I could rip you to a shred of cheddar cheese.
There’s not a better mc then me.
I’m B-Rabbit bitch.
Sting like a bee.
Float like a butterfly,
wut am I?
So wut if I, cut a guy?
Did I s-s-studder guy?
Leave you punch drunk
from lunch truck to shelter.
You never felt the wrath of helter-skelter melt ya.
Got the belt the welter weight champ.
You got in with a fake stamp.
Garbage bag full of clothes still pullin ho‘s.
Rip you from head to toe, leg to bullet hole.
Next gun pull it slow,
and aim for the freeworld before you let it go.
Instead of, “oh I just shot my dick head
and yes you do got a big head.
I can’t call it. Cheddar where’s your wallet?
your so drunk you can out drink the alcoholics.
Make em say “dam cheddars the man ...
he needs a can surgically removed from his hand”

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