Eminem – Unspoken Words lyrics

If tears are unspoken words,
then of course I come to you for a source,
but I aint have even one verse,
just suck it up and make the best of the worst,
even hearse after hearse,
if you come to me then suck it up G,
what up homie don't cry your not the one and only,
what im sayin isn't phony,
believe in me and then you owe me,
now show me I got the strength,
to withstand any length of tension,
my words will put you in suspension,
so don't even mention,
anything thing that puts you into depression,
get by this world by a session of a lesson,
that will keep you guessin,
just sit up there fessin and fessin,
about how your less than the best then,
I keep telling ya again and again,
I wouldn't lend ya life,
I rather stab ya with a knife
im a crazy lunatic for life

this is alittle thing i wrote...

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