Eminem – Wait For Me lyrics

I trace the lines that run down your face
Pouring you in, into disgrace.
I'll sit back as you leave like this,
I get pulled into things I miss.

I am here trying to explain,
It's been so long I can't complain.
About the things you said you'd hate,
I don't perfer it, but I can't wait.

No rest for the weary,
No sleep for the tired and the distressed.
I guess, there's too much hate,
There's so much I can't wait.

And I'll wait, I'm still in love like this.
And I guess, it's impossible to miss.
Like the back of my neck,
I'm feeling the strain,
Of living without,
Inside of hate.

Will you wait for me?
Or will you call my name?
Will you wait for me?

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