Eminem – Wasting My Time lyrics

Album: 8 Mile Soundtrack

I don't think you understand,
that what you're doing is not so cool,
you think it's funny to mess with my mind,
don't you?,
you know I like you so you just tease me,
(la la la la la la la)
you give me just enough to hang on and on

When you're just wasting my time,
you're simply wasting my time,
so quit wasting my time

Oh___, la la la,
do you hear me when I say oh__
la la la la

So let me ask ya somethin',
hmm__, do you think I'm pretty or don't you?,
do you wanna get with me or not?,
and ah__ ya


And what've you got to say?,
well things have got to change,
see this just isn't right,
I dont wanna have to fight,
and I think I'd better go,
cuz this ain't working out ay'more,
and Im sorry, Im sorry, sorry__,
oh, ah___

that what you did was just not so cool,
baby, you're just not that cool,
hmm__ , ohh___

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