Engelbert Humperdinck – The Spanish Nite Is Over lyrics

Album: Hello Out There

Once upon a Lonely nite,
Barcelona Spain,
She was just a simple girl,
Maria was her name,
Right through the starry nite we never loved,
But morning brings good byes,
Now i spend all my life, just wondering why.
This Spanish night is over,
Here i am again,
Hanging on to just a heartfull of Memories,
Oh they never end.
And still i dream, we are together again.
I am gonna be with you tomorrow.
But tonight i close my eyes.
And hold her in my sleep.
Some of us were meant to win.
Others meant to loose.
Though i never dreamt i would be loosing you.
And here i am holding,
A heart full of memories that never end,
The spanish night is over.

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