Enigma – Snow Angel lyrics

I will not taint the world with blood
Wanting to end my life
Is no reason to hurt myself
With razor or with knife

I will not be a grotesque puppet
Twirling in the breeze
No need to make a spectacle
To haunt my family's dreams

I will not taint my blood with drugs
For when I meet my end
I wish to keep my senses clear
Not into dreams descend

And so the morning beckons me
So clear and crisp with snow
The winter bites my tears back
As through the trees I go

And lay down by the frozen lake
Lie in the frozen snow
And fully conscious fully sure
And peacefully I go

Into oblivion
So clear pure and cold
Into that new transcendency
Beyond what's tainted old

A clean death simple painless swift
A shiver in the dark
Leaving just an imprint
A snow angel in the park

I'm a snow angel
Just a snow angel
Nothing left of me
Nothing needs to be

I'm a snow angel
Just a snow angel
Nothing left of me
Just how I want to be

The world gave me a frosty chill
And I pray for those alive
That they will overcome all ills
To be peaceful as I am

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