Eric Burdon – Beautiful Newborn Child lyrics

Album: The Black-Man'S Burdon

Oh yeah I'm a child of the funky time
Oh yeah my people have committed ugly crimes
And in the process of me breaking free
I have inherited a painful legacy
I have even created some ugly children for you to adopt
That you have chosen to embrace
You embrace the ugly, the dyin' and the freak
Only because he is a part of you and you are afraid to speak
Deep down, way down in the depths of you
He is ready to take over and rape the last part of the sanity in your mind
Let him out, let him out, let him run wild, scream free
Get crazy and forget about music what it was what it is or what its supposed to be
Give it to the day, give in to the funky
Give in to the gypsy, to the nigger in you soul and fly free
Fly free
..Give it to the....
Oh lord, curse of the newborn child
...The incredible madness of just you, and then
Yeah, yeah
...Maybe, we will see....
A beautiful newborn child
...Something beautiful, something beautiful...

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