Eric Burdon – Funky Fever lyrics

Album: Stop

I've been looking for my baby
Since I don't know when,
Can'tseem to hide this feeling
I got deep down within.

She took away my love,
She took away my pride,
She gives me funky fever
I've got deep down inside

Sometimes she makes me happy,
Sometimes she makes me blue,
She gives me funky fever,
Sometimes I get the funky flu.

Now I don't need my baby
'Couse she told me what to do.
If you got that funky woman,
You get the funky fever, too.

Hey, funky fever, Hey, funky fever,
Love that woman, too!
She gives me funky fever,
Don't know what I'm gonna do.
I love that funky fever,
I love that woman, too!
I got that funky fever,
Gonna give it all to you!

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