Eric Burdon – Man-woman lyrics

Album: Winds Of Change

Man, Woman, Desire, Love
Love one another
Can true love last forever?

Man, Woman, Desire, Love

They both agree Yes, it can
Be my woman .I'll be your man
Man, Woman, Desire, Love

'Baby, is there something wrong with you?
You don't do the things you used to do'
'I'm sorry baby, it's just I've been drinking, I need some rest'
That's when she starts really thinking

Man, Woman, Tired, Love

He still loves her and thats a fact
But he can't help the way he acts
She feels it now and she turns to ice
He sees an old friend for some advice

Man, Friend, 'Work things out'
'Okay baby, shoot, lets get things off your chest
I know what you need, you need a damn good rest
Now I know a chick, she's cool and she's a good friend'

...This Is The Beginning Of The End...

He hesitates, he thinks, ahh, I'll take a chance
Well, whats wrong with taking a chick to a dance?


Whats wrong with taking a lady home?


'Stay awhile baby, it's all right, we're quite alone'
Well, what's wrong with that?


Man in heaven...temporarily
Woman .Worried

He arrives home very very late and she is staring at the wall
She says, 'How was the meetin' tonight honey? Did you have a ball?'
He says to her, 'No, it was a drag. Me and the fellas just got a little stoned.
I got a little drowsy and I couldn't find my way home.'

She says, 'Yeah, I know.'

...She Knows...

And he knows that she knows
Now she's got to work really fast
If their love is going to last
Talkin' it over would only be a drag
She's got to pull some tricks out of her feminine bag

Ha, all right

Comes morning she's home and dry
And her man sleeps on, satisfied,
And this is the story of Man, Woman, Desire, Love

Man, Woman, Desire, Love

Man, Man
Woman, woman, woman,
Set your soul on fire...

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