Eric Burdon – The Man lyrics

Album: Stop

I'ts flashing red, His plastic head,
Make a move and you're dead,
I'm gonna fill your mind with lead.
Pass your papers on the ground,
And you better be cool,
Never drive with a roach in the car,
'cause I ain't no fool.

It's The man! It's The Man!

He'll keep you waiting, if you've got a date,
So you better relax 'cause you're gonna be late.

Flashin'! Trashin'! Crashin'! It's The Man! It's The Man!

So we play the game, And it's always the same,
I've got the power of the name,
I'm gonna drive you insane.
Pull over to the right 'couse
You're gonna be wrong,
No matter what you got to say,
You better save it for a song.

Dedicated to The Man,
I say, dedicated to The Man,
It's The Man!

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