Eric Burdon – The Real Me lyrics

Album: Sun Secrets

I've been here a million years,
You know who I am.
Sing songs of joy and sorrow,
I've not been a sham.
I've been in ev'ry country, baby,
I've been in ev'ry place,
Millions have heard my music,
But they really don't know my face.

But, ah, this time the
Mirror man came to me,
Showed me 'xactly what I wanted to see.
I said it's fin'lly beginning to be
The way I want it to be,yeah, yeah.
So when I come to your town this time
You're gonna see the real me.

I've had my name in lights,
I've known fortune and fame,
But I have always felt that I was a
Lonely and lost faceless name.
I searched for years and years,
And finally this time

The face I present to you, baby,
I said this time is gonna be mine.
You see this time...

This time you're gonna see the real me.

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