Ezekiel Akpan – You Reign lyrics

Album: Reveal Your Glory

Verse: You made the mountains and the hills
You made the grasses in the field
Lord, all the stars were created by your words
The seas roar at the sound of your name
The firmament you created it
The air I breathe you made it so
You made me as well as all
Creatures here on earth
I stand in awe of you
And I sing

Pre-chorus: Lord you reign (echo) – 4x
(Repeat Verse and pre-chorus)

Chorus: I know
This is what you’ve done
And I will glorify your name
And I will worship you
Even the sun
The moon and the stars
Are the works of your hands
I will worship you

Bridge: Great are you Lord
God Almighty
Who was and is, and is to come
(Repeat Chorus)

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