Funny Girl soundtrack – If A Girl Isn't Pretty lyrics

Album: Funny Girl

If a girl isn't pretty like a Miss Atlantic City
All she gets from life is pity and a pat
Kindly name a star who hasn’t won a contest or a pageant
If she hasn't, she just never gets to bat.
She must a-shine in every detail like a ring you're buying retail
Be a standard size that fits a standard dress
When a girl's incidentals are no bigger than two lentils
Then to me it doesn't spell success
From three faces that could cause you to have temporary nausea
Do I have to hear a lecture such as that?
Is a nose with deviation such a crime against the nation!
Should I throw her into jail or drown the cat?
So she looks a bit off-balance, she possesses golden talents
Or is that a pill too bitter to digest?
Oh she's got very nice deportment, mmm!
But when they see that assortment
From the gallery they’ll be throwin’ fruit!

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