The Game – 82 Days lyrics

yo, yo, yo
who shot me?
some punk motherfuckers i aint never seen before in my life
gotta pay that price
when you in the hood hustlin, 24 hours a day
guns bustin, the fiends need yay
so im in the kitchen with them pirex pots
flip em like spatchulas, supply em hot
im in the yard everyday around 12 o'clock
they call me russel simons how i sell that rock
im in the hood and the new CL is hot
gotta be 310, with a sprewells is stock
im not sure if its v12 or not, im not into cars
i just like to park em outside of drug seminars
i took shots like 50 dogg
the 1 in the heart got me ready to die like biggie was
and if i ever see them niggas again
just rent me with a u-haul, and move my shit to the pen
im from Compton, they say im real sick with the pen
throw Jay-z in the pot, mix em with ren
or O.J on the rocks, mix em with gin
whatchu got? the westcoast riding again
but this time aint gone be no beefing
the trucks got 6 stash spots, aint gone be no creeping
creep up on my passengers side
you must be asking to die
empty the 44 mag in his thighs
and hop out, and put the rest in your neck
then ride off to that bone thug shit on life after death
im on that tupac thug shit, ride to my death
in the hood with a M16 around my neck
looking like Old Dogg of dead presidents
at the beginning of the movie, Comptons back
this the beginning of the movement, my dogs is strapped
holla at my nigga X', where yonkers at?
tell em i ruff ride threw manhattan on a harley
if you cant catch me now, be at the rich carlton
after that catch me chilling in Harlem
inside that Cam'ron pink Aston Martin
blowing that sour diesle and listening to bob marley
then theres still a W, Diddy's throwing a party
im here with T-mac, aint no clapping me down
one shot at the bar, aint no clapping me down
you know Fase got a gun homie
i got a gun on me (shots)
thats where im from homie
so before all that crazy talking
big legends 89 and this eazy talking

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