Gucci Mane – CEO Flow Freestyle lyrics

Album: 1017 Up Next

We don't push and shove, dog, we're just 'bout to rub y'all
I ain't 'bout to argue with no nigga on Clubhouse
I ain't finna hug y'all, I ain't finna mug y'all
I ain't grew with none of y'all niggas from the dugout (No)
But I'm the one who's signing all the checks, that's me
I'm the one keep standin' on they necks, that's me
You ain't gotta search for no smoke, shit free
And my shooters don't trust, they do it on GD
Yeah, I'm the one put diamonds 'round they neck, that's me (Bling)
Who that boy stay draped in baguettes? That's me (Ice)
Who gon' hold it down 'til they free? That's me
Who gon' make sure everybody eat? Gucci
Ain't no I in team, but put it all on mе
If you ever was to fall, you can call on me (Call)
If my dog don't got it, hе can ball on me
My closet like a mall and my bitch look like a doll, if you really, really know me, know I had work cheap (Skrrt)
12 on Gresham, but they still can't catch 'em (Fuck 'em)
Seven red whips, but the haters can't catch us (Red)
Always on my guard case a nigga get set up (Grraow)
Ain't no need to vest up 'cause we shot 'em from the neck up (Baow)
Why he had to die? Just for y'all to respect us (Huh?)
Names don't impress us, gangs don't protect us (Nah)
We ain't none of them niggas namin' names on records (No)
You ain't gotta remind me, got a long-ass record (Long)
CEO status, so it's chess, not checkers (CEO)
Servin' half a brick, met 'em right by Checkers
Niggas in the hood sellin' drugs like Eckerd's (Like a pharmacy)
Bitches from the ground when nobody was around (Nah)
You was in the field hittin' pitches off the mound (What?)
I was out of town sellin' ounces out a pound (Yeah)
Shoutout to the clown, had to put him in the ground (Down)
You was makin' touchdowns, I was sellin' breakdowns
Tryna get a bust down, sackin' up the shake now
Headed out to A-town, movin' on a Greyhound
Sellin' grey dope, you was playin' on the playground (Grey)
School of hard knocks, young nigga, I'm a veteran (Huh?)
He a college boy, had to shoot him in his letterman (College)
Could've been a doctor, that's what they tellin' me
Guess they gave the boy a taste of his own medicine (Gucci)

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