Guns' N' Roses – That's Called The Blues lyrics

all the love in the world couldn't save you
OR the innocence inside
you know i tried so hard to make you
woah woah awoahhhh to make you change your mind
and it hurts too much to see you ooooooohhhhh
and how you left yourself behind
you know i wouldnt want to be you
now there's a hell i cant describe
so now i wander through my daze
try to find my place
its true these feelings that i've felt
i saved for you and no one else
and though as long as this road seems
i know it's called the street of dreams
but thats not stardust on my feet
it leaves a taste thats bittersweet
thats called the blues
i dont know just what i should do
everywhere i go i see you
although it's what we planned
this much is true i know
what i thought was beautiful dont live inside of you anymore
uh uh
what this means to me is more than i know you believe
what i've got from you now
has cost more than it should for me
what i thought was true before were lies i couldnt see
what i thought was beautiful
is only memories

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