Gym Class Heroes – Thinking Out Loud lyrics

Album: ...For The Kids

Jungle cats battling through musty brush
Monkey's ciphering with fly feather birds with
unincarcerated visions, signified dandelions get
Crushed by overstressed orangutans, just to let
Mama nature know they ain't no joke
While bad ass boa constrictors squeeze out life
And as hot as day, night makes no opportunity to let the natives do their thing
I believe that hip hop is so universal that
It has already invaded the rainforest
And endangered species know exactly what it is truly,
It's just a little sad that negative inevitably follows the most righteous
Next we got flaw skin sex hitting switches,
right next to Versace rocking bullfrog bitches flashy nasty piranhas with platinum front teeth
But whatever the case may be, true hip hop will remain underground
Where ants and moles hold it down
With basement parties bumping Gym Class Heroes and Brain games
All the same, I myself may never make it to the rainforest
But we share a common love
That's just me thinking out loud again, let me stop

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