Gypsy Kyss – Whats Mine lyrics

Where do you go when you leave me alone
Is there someone else or somewhere else
You go to when you walk out the door
And if words were enough
Enough to hold you here
I'd speak in a language that longs
For love without all the fear
And I need to know
The road your thoughts wander on
But, when you're always leaving
It's hard to tell where you're coming from
Where do you go, where do you go
Where do you go when you leave me alone
Where do you go
How many times must you leave
How many times until you see
The longer it takes to find yourself
The sooner I'm lost behind 'yourself'
How much will it cost you
And how much will you spend
While you're walking on and on
I'll break before you bend
Sometimes, when I'm dreaming
I dream that you tell me
Tell me that you need me
And that you'll never leave

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