Hank Snow – Engineer's Child lyrics

(G) A little child on a (C) sickbed (G) lay
And (C) death was very (G) near
She was the pride and (C) only (G) child of a (A7) railroad engin- (D) eer
His duty had called him from (G) those he loved
And (D) seeing that hope was (G) dim
While a tear he (G7) shed, to his (C) wife he said
Just have two (D) lanterns (G) trimmed

(C) Just hang a light as I (G) pass tonight
(C) Hang it where it (G) can be (D) seen
If our (G) baby's dead just (C) show the red
If she's (G) better then (D) show the (G) green

(Instrumental bridge)

(G) In a little house by the (C) railroad (G) track
A (C) mother with watchful (G) eye
Saw a (G) gleam of hope and a (C) feeble (G) smile
As the (A7) train went rushing (D) by
Just one short look was his (G) only chance
To (D) see the light (G) agleam
In the midnight (G7) air there a-(C) rose a prayer
Thank (G) God the (D) light was (G) green

Repeat chorus

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