Hank Snow – Just Waiting For You lyrics

Album: Yodelling Ranger

Written & Recorded by Hank Snow

I am pleading tonight in this letter I write
'Cause it seems as tho' I'm talking to you,
All the tear-stains you see take as kisses from me,
'Cause I'm lonesome here waiting for you.

Does your heart still feel light do you still think your right
That you left me for one you thought true
After years we have known leaving me here alone
So lonesome just waiting for you.

I treasure each thought every memory old pal
That we spent in the days we once knew
And it hurt so inside many times I have cried.
So heartbroken just waiting waiting for you.

But perhaps dear someday when the clouds drift away
And the sunshine again fills the blue
You'll mend the break in my heart once again we will start
From where I've waited so worried and blue.

*Typed by tammy Roy from "Hank's Song Book No.4" 09/03/03

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