Hank Snow – Linda Lou lyrics

Album: I'm Movin' On

Witten and Recorded by Hank Snow

(A) Linda Lou, honest true,
I'm just wild about your lovely eyes of (E7) blue,
For your smile, I'd walk miles,
For my honey child I'm glad to be with (A) you,

(A) As long as you are by my side I (D) have no cause to pine,
I (B7) point you out with so much pride,
And (E7) tell the world you're mine,
Linda (A) Lou , honest true,
I'm in (B7) love with you a-(E7) lone sweet Linda (A) Lou.

(A) I've waited a (D) long time for you (A) darlin',
But (E7) never knew exactly what you'd (A) be,
Now that you have (D) come to me my (A) darlin',
You ?re a (B7) wee bit of heaven to (E7) me;

Linda (A) Lou, honest true,
You're the first in every thought I have to-(E7) day,
You're so sweet, and so neat ,
That I thank the LORD for sending you my (A)way,

Some day you'll know the way I feel deep (D) down within your heart ,
To (B7) be with you when shadows steal and (E7) know we'll never part ,
Linda (A) Lou , honest true,
I'm in (B7) love with you a- (E7) lone sweet Linda (A) Lou.

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