Hank Snow – My Arabian Baby lyrics

Album: I've Been Everywhere

Recorded by Hank Snow

Well her eyes they sparkle like the sandy dunes
And her voice it rings like all the latest tunes
And when she speaks my name her eyes fairly light up and shine
She's my Arabian baby and maybe she'll soon be mine

I've traveled this whole world over and never have I seen
Such eyes, such lips, such lucious charms on such a lovely queen
So with an eye to the future I will make my plans
I'm a-gonna get a ring on a lilly white hand

And I'll count all the pleasures that I know will soon be mine
And my Arabian baby and me are gonna live just fine

Guitar melody lead break

She puts all the princesses in the shade
With her lips of fire and her eyes of jade
And her charms as warm as the tingle of cherry wine
She's my Arabian baby and maybe she'll soon be mine

Well I've got the license and the preacher man
She's got the frills, I'm gonna bring her a band
And everybody will dance till the sun begins to shine
On the day that I make my Arabian baby all mine

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