Hank Snow – No Longer A Prisoner lyrics

Album: The Singing Ranger 1949 1953

While a prisoner of war in Korea
Surrounded by guards and barrbed wire
I dreamed of returnin' to you, dear
Oh, that was my heart's one desire

Now at last I am free and returnin'
And I'm thankful to God up above
I'm no longer a prisoner of war, dear
But I'm still a prisoner of love

These past years, my darlin' were like a nightmare to me
But through all the hardships and the suffering it seemed
Like your face I could always see
Seems like you gave me the courage and the will to live
When I was so heartsick and blue
And my lonely hours seemed to fly quickly by, dear
When I was thinking of you
Ya know, honey, I didn't recieve all of your letters
Till way after the truce was signed
But now that I've read them all over
I hope, dear, that you haven't changed your mind
Gee, now soon this plane is gonna be landin' and
I hope you'll be waitin' there for me
The minutes are draggin' by like hours now
What's my fate to be

In the crowd, dear, I see you there wavin'
And I'm thankful to God up above
For this ole' plane has just hit the runway
And I'm safe in the arms of my love

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