Hank Snow – Panamama lyrics

Words by Frank Team
Music by Hank Snow and Stu Davis

I went to Panama to find out why it's called the tropic zone.
The senoritas there had so much charm, they could even melt a heart of stone,
A hot tamale gal, she flashed me a smile, and I lost my heart right then.
I thought I'd only stay down there for a day, now I think I'll never leave again.

In Panama those Panamamas, they live the life of a beautiful dream.
Your life's a waste until you get a taste of the thrill that you get from a tropical queen.

Now kindly get me straight, I think they're great, those gals from Tennessee;
But when they say, "Si, si," in Panama, then the trill is really different to me.
Manana never comes down there; I live just for tonight.
I take her in my arms beneath the beautiful palms, and it's heaven when I hold her tight.


I'm making memories on balconies; sombreros, they fit me fine.
I know that pretty soon, I'll honeymoon with that sweet chiquita of mine.
Out on the edge of town we're gonna settle down; how happy we're gonna be.
It takes a peeper pot from down old Panama to catch a feller from Tennessee.


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